Hi everyone, welcome back to Aze IT Studio post. Today i am going to tell you about Zombie Website. 

Here we go 

blog zombie

Fig 1. Zombie Ilustration

In your opinion what zombie is ?

I think we have the same idea which is revive or maybe scary also.

What zombie website is ?

Zombie website is a blog or website which is already deleted by the owner or the blog / website service then it is being re-registered using the same name and the same domain.

What is the function of zombie website ?

The function is to gain old follower of the website before it is being deleted by the owner or system. This is also very usefull as backlink of our main blog / website. Most important is that it will be use as SEO research when good quality of zombie website is already indexed on search engine or ranked on trusted page such as alexa or moz.

Do this zombie website have a risk ?

Talking about the risk actually it is based on the website that we are going to revive itself. The problem which might be faced is that high spam score, scam website so it is being deleted by system, or the web event doesn't have anything to be proud of it. So it is hard to find the ideal zombie website which fit with our willingness. For the domain it self, as GTLD the domain will not have any problem as long as we have paid for that so it is legally ours.

Example of zombie website

blog zombie

Fig 2. Display of zombie website without any post

blog zombie

Fig 3. Statistic of zombie website

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Thank you everyone.... 

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