Hi everyone, welcome back to Aze IT Studio post. Today i am going to tell you about differentiation of using ing or ed on verb. Hopefully this is beneficial for you especially the one who wants to learn more about English.

Here we go

Actually both (i am confusing or i am confused) is correct in term of words but it has different meaning.

Use of ing makes confuse become confusing (adjective) which means something that makes you confused. So if you used it as i am confusing this is means you are confusing person so that's why contextually this is correct but not appropriate to be use.

Example of usage Verb + Ing  :

This book is so confusing

This exam is confusing

The speech on last monday ceremony was so confusing

Other Verb + Ing Examples :

The movie we watched last night was so boring

Hey look is that your throphy? Wow, you are amazing

What? You haven't wash your cloth since yesterday? It is disgusting

You forget to bring your homework? You are so embarrasing

Research about network security looks interesting for me

Use of ed makes confuse become confused which means you are confused. So this is the right choice if you want to say that i am confused of something.

Example of usage Verb + Ed :

This book is not interesting at all and makes me confused

I am confused because of the last exam

I didn't get the point of the last monday ceremony speech. It was confused me

Other Verb + Ed Examples :

I was getting bored with this job as influencer

The Lupin Arsene story makes me amazed

This dirty cloth is makes me disgusted

My broken shoe makes me embarrased

I am interested to join this organization because i want to follow my passion

That's all for today everyone. Next post i will share other paraphrase / common mistake that might be helping all the readers in learning English. Don't forget to stay tune in Aze IT Blog, share to your social media, and keep learning. 

Thank you everyone.... 

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