Hi everyone, welcome back to Aze IT Studio post. Today I am going to tell you about some of common mistake on English. Hopefully this is beneficial for you especially the one who wants to learn more about English.

Here we go

Untuk mengatakan tidak :

Common : I said no yes no (True : N O spells no)

Untuk mengatakan Jangan melunjak :

Common : Don't demand more (True : Don't push your luck)

Untuk mengatakan keterlaluan :

Common : You are over! (True : You're too much!)

How do we should say "itulah gunanya teman in english"

Common :That's the benefit of friends (True : That's what friends are for)

Untuk mengatakan kamu beruntung

Common : You're very lucky (True : Lucky you)

Untuk mengatakan harusnya kamu malu

Common : You should be shy (True : Shame on you)

Untuk menanyakan penampilan

Common : How is my performance? (True : How do i look?)

Untuk mengatakan perasaan gugup

Common : You make my heart uncontrolled (True : You make my heart beating hard)

Untuk mengatakan kekaguman

Common : You make me charmed (True : You take my breath away) 

Untuk mengatakan itu tidak berlaku buatku

Common : It's not effective for me (True : It doesn't work for me) 

Untuk mengatakan tidak juga

Common : Not Also (True : Not really)

Untuk mengatakan dia sangat kuat

Common : He's very strong (True : He's strong enough)

Untuk mengatakan ingin menyatakan isi hati

Common : I just tell content of my heart (True : I just think out loud)

Untuk mengatakan aku tidak sengaja

Common : Sorry, i'm not intended (True : Sorry, I didn't do it on purpose)

Untuk mengatakan seseorang telah jahat kepada kita

Common : You are very sruel to me (True : You guys are mean to me) 

Untuk mengatakan seseorang sudah kelewatan

Common : He's over the limit (True : He crossed the line)

Untuk mengatakan kendalikan emosi

Common : Control your emotion (True : Get a grip)

Untuk mengatakan tidak ingin berpisah

Common : I don't wanna be separate (True : I don't wanna say goodbye)

Untuk mengatakan hati - hati

Common : Be careful yes! (True : Take care, OK!) 

Untuk mengatakan dia datang dengan selamat

Common : He came with safe (True : He came safe and sound)

Untuk menanyakan kesini dengan apa

Common : What do you use to go here? (True : How did you get here?)

Untuk mengatakan aku bawa sepeda

Common : I bring my bike (True : I go by my bike)

Untuk mengatakan hampir saja !

Common : Poof, it's just almost! (True : Poof, it was close!)

Untuk menanyakan berapa harga

Common : How much is the price? (True : How much does it cost?)

Untuk mengatakan aku sangat suka itu

Common : I very like that (True : I like it so bad)

Untuk mengatakan harga

Common : The price is RP.5000 (True : It costs RP.5000)

Untuk mengatakan harganya kemahalan

Common : What!! it's very expensive!! (True : What!! what a rip off!!)

That's all for today everyone. Next post i will share other paraphrase / common mistake that might be helping all the readers in learning English. Don't forget to stay tune in Aze IT Blog, share to your social media, and keep learning. 

Thank you everyone....

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